Our Services

BGC provides client-centric, cost-effective strategies for management disciplines including: corporate risks; assessment of liabilities/exposures; back-office systems; cyber security/intellectual property protection; strategic funding positioning; directors and officers insurance; workers’ compensation; and A.C.A. (or “Obamacare”) compliance. We use your interests and concerns to generate competition among providers/suppliers, expanding the competition for your business, getting the highest possible return on investment.

Our hands-on business consulting service portfolio is comprised of:

  • Corporate Strategy Optimization Analysis
  • Implementation of Corporate Development Solutions
  • Analysis of all Insurance Programs
  • Analysis and Facilitation of Alternate Funding Strategies
  • Risk Analysis for all Current and Future Liabilities
  • Funding Analysis of Corporate Services
  • PEO Analysis of Multiple Organizations to maximize savings
  • Legal, M&A and IPO Resources and Strategic Planning
  • Patient/Client Advocacy
  • Examination of Various Insurance Options (including Traditional and Alternate Funding Programs, see “Our Programs” below)

Our Programs

Serviced Lines


Workers Compensation

  • Flexible Coverage
  • Protect Against Exposures from Injured Employees
  • Return to Work
  • Claim Monitoring


  • Protect Property Essential to Maintain Business

Directors & Officers

Intellectual Property



  • Positioning
  • Traditional & Alternative Options

Group Medical Benefits


Health Risk Assessment

Claims Data Analysis

Network Discount Maximization

Predictive Modeling

PEO Comparisons

Plan and Dependent Audits

Patient Intervention

Consumer Education

Group Disability/Life

Ancillary Benefits

Voluntary Benefits

Value-Added Programs


Legal Liability (for details lost or stolen)

Regulatory Compliance

Expense Lost in Data Recovery

Liability Protection from Outside

Officer Protection from Computer-based Exploitation



Comprehensive Errors & Omissions Protection

High Limit Director & Officers Protection

Third Party Liability

Employer Protection Liability Insurance

Directors &

Protection to Include Managers, Directors & Officers

Investor, Venture Capital, & Private Equity Protection

Defense Expense Included

IPO Coverage

Strategic Start-Up Organizational Management


Coverage Solutions for Liability

Protection from Infringement

Protection to Prevent Infringing

Coverage and Analysis for Most Software, Information Technologies & Applications (before achieving fruition)

Defense Expense Included

IPO Coverage

Services Provided

Client Advocacy Program

The Client Advocacy Program was established to effectively facilitate dispute resolution between vendors or providers and our clients for whatever the financial or medical issue that arises. Our staff is directly available to our clients and their employees/spouses for:

  • Review of Claims and Denials and intercede with carrier, provider or state insurance agency directly to resolve dispute
  • Provide appeal suggestions with the carrier or Regulatory State or Federal Authority
  • Interface with Client and Carrier on all plan financial and administrative matters
  • Provide recommendations to maximize the utilization of plan benefits
  • Provide continuous review of the efficacy of plans and services to tailor future response