What We Do

Breier Group Concepts, Inc. creates competition, clarifies, simplifies and aligns your programs to empower your business to accomplish its objectives and achieve its maximum potential.

We work with you to:

Probe and perform a 360° analysis of your current coverages
Propose and prepare a set of unique recommendations which are effective, non-prescriptive and scalable
Protect and preserve your market position and enhance your competitive advantage
Plan and place pragmatic business strategies that are targeted to attract additional sources of capital

We believe in a client-centric, carrier agnostic approach to corporate benefit and risk programs. Using comprehensive and quantitative methodologies, we tailor these programs to meet clients’ individual objectives and provide innovative, non-prescriptive solutions that help our clients meet their business needs.

Our Values

  • A commitment to understand our client’s business and deliver services to help them obtain their objectives.
  • A determination to obtain measurable bottom line results for our clients.
  • Utilization of our many resources to provide thorough analyses of our client’s risk and benefit programs.

Management Structure

Our management team provides hands on service in a variety of fields:

  • Medical Directors and Client Service Team to develop Wellness programs and handle all Medical Advocacy Issues.
  • Stop Loss and Network Development Team to contain costs and maximize plan performance. Where needed this includes Data Mining and Audit Review.
  • Negotiations and Legal Specialists to liaise with all vendors to maximize plan performance and ensure the maximum benefit for our clientele. This includes working with Insurers, Administrators and Risk Managers.
  • Workers Compensation, Intellectual Property, Liability and Officer Protection Team to examine all potential risks for a developing or evolving firm. All of our recommended strategies are focused on maximizing company protection and cost-effectively minimizing risk for employers and investors.

Richard Breier

Founder & CEO

With over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, Richard has developed new methodologies and approaches to corporate benefit plans. Through tenacious marketing and negotiating, Richard has championed his field. By strategizing with providers and clients, he has developed innovative programs that increase return on investment for companies and employers.

Prior to starting his own firm, Richard was a partner at several benefit consulting firms. In these roles, he specialized in various employee benefit areas including Human Resources Consulting, HRIS technology evaluation/implementation and administrative outsourcing. By creating key industry relationships, Richard has navigated the complexities of healthcare marketplace and leveraged relationships to negotiate a wide array of cost effective programs.

Richard serves on the Board of Directors for The Brotherhood Synagogue. He is also an accountant with a MBA in International Finance and Marketing. Prior to entering the insurance industry, he was president of an international manufacturing and importing firm with offices and sales throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Samuel Breier

Chief Operating Officer

Over the past 15 years, Sam has developed interest and experience in a variety of disciplines. He has grown Breier Group Concepts in new areas and expanded offerings to meet the needs of an evolving 21st Century business landscape. With backgrounds in biochemistry, politics, law and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management, Sam has experience addressing the needs of companies in a multitude of sectors. Corporate strategic analysis, patent and intellectual property knowledge, contract examination, and implementation methods are among Sam’s skills. Through organizing and developing a team of professionals, Sam has ensured that BGC can thoroughly address the ever-changing needs of companies and their employees.

A life-long New Yorker, Sam and his wife recently gave birth to their first son and live in Stuyvesant Town with their dog. He is an avid sailor, racing weekly. In addition, he is involved in and enjoys cultural activities, including museums, theatre and the NY Philharmonic. Sam was also recently elected to the Board of Directors of The Brotherhood Synagogue.

Wendy Wesolowski

Client Service Manager

Wendy has over 10 years of experience designing and implementing individually tailored health benefits programs for companies from 3 to over 1,000 employees. The programs she assists in developing are designed to satisfy client and employee needs. As a strong advocate for customer service, Wendy ensures that management can focus on establishing the best systems for their unique operations.

Wendy holds a BS in Organization Management. Before coming to the insurance field, she held high executive administrative positions in retail, education, advertising, steel, and telecommunications. In her spare time, Wendy enjoys photography and gardening.

Jonathan Hartwell

Director of Property & Liability Operations

Jonathan has 20+ years of experience in many diverse property and casualty lines of business. He has worked with companies directly and with specialized programs on a wholesale basis—giving him and Breier Group Concepts a diverse array of services and insurance coverage’s available to our clients. With his extensive knowledge of the marketplace, in an ever-changing environment, he is in an exceptionally strong position to create competition among carriers and to offer creative cost effective insurance solutions.

Jon joined BGC in 2012 after beginning his insurance career in the real estate market. Beyond the standard P&C offerings, more recently, Jon has expanded dramatically in Workers’ Compensation, Cyber Security and specialty high limit / investor friendly D&O programs—addressing the needs of modern evolving businesses.

Michael Vasquez

Director of Business Development

Michael is a well-rounded sales leader, committed to helping companies maximize their available resources. Michael connects BGC with entrepreneurial startups, corporations, and Boards of Directors helping to build “operational platforms.” His talent to engage associates at every level has opened avenues to engage new and potential clients. He has also been instrumental in deploying training platforms, employee tools, customer service, and cost efficiency programs.

Michael’s business acumen stems from a degree in healthcare promotion and a strong entrepreneurial training within his family. He is a dedicated and proud Eagle Scout and presently lives with his wife in Buffalo, NY.

BGC services are available through a number of financial scenarios.
In each, we only benefit when our recommended programs produce results.
We’re ready to discuss an arrangement that will meet your needs.